Do Something Good: Volunteer at the YMCA! Make a Difference in Someone’s Life.

The Princeton YMCA welcomes volunteers. Volunteers are the “heart” of the YMCA. Whether it’s offering hugs in the nursery, homework help in the classroom, or guiding students with disabilities into the pool for the first time . . . there’s just no way to put a price tag on the sense of fulfillment that comes from helping someone else.

The measure of a community’s success is the support and opportunity it provides to children, families, adults and seniors. Volunteer coaches, program leaders, policy-setting board members and fund raisers invest thousands of hours at the YMCA to serve their community because they believe in the lasting benefits of the YMCA.

To see which opportunities are currently available visit the VolunteerMatters website to create a profile.


Our Volunteers

YMCA program volunteers work in various youth and family programs: in child care, as coaches or swimming instructors and as mentors, for example. Our volunteers have the satisfaction that comes from knowing they’re making a difference!


Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Special projects/project development
  • Halloween at the Y
  • Youth Sports Programs
  • Tutors/Reading Buddies (Princeton Young Achievers)
  • Special events (Healthy Kids Day, 5K Run/Walk, etc.)

Volunteers assist in planning and executing these events and more.


Types of YMCA Volunteers

Whether you’re a teenager, mother, grandparent or corporate executive, we need you! All it takes is just a little time to make a difference in someone’s life.


Policy Volunteers

The people who serve on YMCA boards and committees.


Program Volunteers

Those who have direct contact with YMCA members and people in the community. They help the YMCA deliver programs and services. They also help with events & functions.


Fundraising Volunteer

Those responsible for the leadership and legwork that goes into successful fundraising campaigns and special events.


Professional Volunteer

The people who act as consultants for the YMCA, lending a special skill or talent in accounting, marketing, architecture, public relations, etc.


Support Volunteer

Those who help in the office, the facility and on the grounds.