The ancient art of yoga is known to increase flexibility, improve endurance and reduce stress. Guided poses and focus on controlled, mindful breathing will help participants find balance. The Princeton Family YMCA offers a variety of Spirit, Mind and Body programs for all ages and ability levels. Read below to find the class that is best for you!

Unless noted, all classes are held in our Spirit, Mind, Body Studio.


Classes Offered

CHAIR YOGA: ages 50+, or those with limited mobility
A very gentle yoga practice in which a chair is used for support. You will move your body through seated, standing and prone poses. This class is specially designed for those who have limited movement, injury or just want to take it slow.

EASY FLOW YOGA: ages 7-11 with parent, 12+ without parent
A gentle workout for body, mind and spirit synchronizing breath with movement through a flowing series of basic asanas and sequences. The flow is designed to develop balance, build strength, increase flexibility, reduce stress and heighten awareness.

GENTLE YOGA: ages 7-11 with parent, 12+ without parent
Experience balance and harmony through a slow and mindful practice designed to release tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. Emphasis on self-awareness, breath, and honoring the body. A perfect break in the middle of your day.

GUIDED MEDITATION: ages 7-11 w/parent, 12+ without
This class will explore the possibilities for students to gain better control of their ability to induce relaxation, calm and overall wellbeing by implementing techniques that include: breath work, yoga, guided visualizations and meditation.

FAMILY YOGA: ages 4-infinity!
A monthly 45-minute all levels Hatha Yoga class for the whole family to enjoy! The class will explore standing poses, sun salutations, breathing and relaxation techniques and fun interactive yoga games. It’s an opportunity for bonding with family while sharing the health and well being that yoga brings.

HATHA FLOW YOGA: ages 7-11 with parent, 12+ without parent
This class is designed to build strength, balance and flexibility through a mindful flow practice. Alignment principles are incorporated within a fun, creative flow of postures that celebrates each person’s unique expression and experience of the art of yoga. This class will also help you learn how to use yoga as a vehicle toward increasing awareness and cultivating joy and compassion.

HATHA YOGA: ages 13-15 w/parent, 16+ without
A traditional yoga practice where more static poses are used to help you build strength, increase overall flexibility and gain wellness and relaxation in your daily life. Poses are held longer than in flow classes in order to help open your body and deepen your poses. All levels welcome.

MAT PILATES: ages 7-11 w/parent, 12+ without
Carefully engineered progressions of classic and modern Pilates exercises will improve your well-being, boost sport performance, and bring a sense of balance into your life. All levels welcome. No prior experience necessary.

MELT METHOD: ages 7-11 w/parent, 12+ without
Using easy and gentle specialized techniques, a soft body roller, and small soft balls, MELT rehydrates the connective tissue which keeps our bodies stable and upright, rebalances the nervous system, and restores space to compressed joints.

POWER YOGA: ages 16+
A faster and more challenging yoga class where you build strength while connecting your breath to the movements of your body. Classes incorporate attention to alignment, building strength and moving with the breath. Be prepared to get sweaty. It’s recommended that you bring a towel and a water bottle.

A nurturing and gentle practice using pillows and props, this class is beneficial to students with special health needs, those in caretaking positions, or for anyone seeking a calming and renewing adaptation of classic yoga poses.

YOGA FOR CORE STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY: ages 7-11 w/parent, 12+ without
Transition from the weekend into the week with some deep breath work (pranayama) accompanied with mixed level asanas (poses). Poses are modified to meet the levels of each individual student. This class will deepen your level of practice with emphasis on being in the present/in the moment; it will be a peaceful but intense journey into gradually opening up the joints, along with the mind.

This class will target specific muscles that runners, cyclists, and climbers alike find to be troublesome post-workout with detailed sequences designed to lengthen and stretch. Additionally, this yoga class is designed to balance the high energy of athletic training with the calming, restful energy of yoga.

YOGA FOR EVERYBODY: ages 7-11 w/parent, 12+ without
An accessible, comprehensive, balanced, body-positive yoga class. This class allows slow movement into and through each pose guided by your breath and awareness allowing for adjustments and inner reflection. In this gentle flowing fun and playful class, you will tone and strengthen the body as well as the mind. Yoga props are used. All are welcome in this non-judgmental and inclusive yoga class regardless of fitness ability, size, gender or flexibility.

YOGA KIDS* : ages 3 – 5
Children are natural yogis because of their “in the moment” attitude. Yoga nourishes their minds, bodies and spirits, satisfies their love of physical activity and need for creative expression and paves the way for a life-long tradition of health and fitness. *Pre-registration and payment are required.