Olivia’s Wellness Connection

Gail Olivia White-Everett welcomes you to Olivia’s Wellness Connection at the Y. Gail started her mission-driven organization in order to “spread the gospel of Wellness by motivating and educating people from all walks of life, and to make their health a priority in their lives.” She is delighted to partner with the YMCA to spread the word and expand participation in her program. Having founded OWC in memory of her late mother who passed away much too early in her life, Gail feels strongly that if she can convince one person to live a healthy lifestyle, her mother’s death will not have been in vain.

A great motivator and your personal cheerleader, Gail will make sure that you feel supported and cared for in your efforts to achieve your wellness goals. She will work with you to learn the basics of healthy eating, exercise regimens, and how to stay on track.

Gail has an associate degree in exercise science and certifications in life/wellness coaching, weight management, personal training, Pilates, pre/post natal, older adults, aerobics and bender ball.


Olivia’s Wellness Connection Programs

OWC presents B.I.P. ” Biking In Pleasure.” – Sundays at 7am – End of September

Join OWC for this phenomenal  class. Biking is a great way to get in a good workout. It provides cardio for your heart, conditioning for your lower body, and peace of mind for your mental well being. Biking will put you in tip top shape. The class will meet at Community Park Track. The class will consist of only 5 people, which includes myself. People will need to bring their own bike.


Walk Aerobics Camp — Saturday, June 20, 2020 –  End of September

Join Mayor Liz Lempert & OWC on Sat., 6/20, for this awesome class. Soak up some Vitamin D.

Enjoy the fresh air, and the freedom of being outside. Come workout to Gail’s jamming music, enhance your mental and physical well-being. You will leave feeling like a million bucks!!!!  In order to protect the health & safety of everybody, listed below are the rules for the class:

    1. You must wear a mask
    2. No more than 10 per class
    3. You must remain 6 feet apart
    4. Bring your own fitness equipment
    5. First Come First Serve for Class
    6. Class Starts At 9:00 AM

Mayor Lempert & Gail Olivia are united in spreading the gospel of good health.  The Mayor’s Wellness Campaign & Olivia’s Wellness Connection continues to join forces to make Princeton a healthy and happy community. We encourage everyone to make their health a priority. Class is held at Community Park Track next to tennis courts.

MVP Workout (Currently Post Poned)– A great workout! Exercise program that immediately precedes the Health is Your Wealth Wellness Workshop. Saturdays, 8am in the Group Exercise Room.

“Health is Your Wealth” Wellness Workshops (Currently Post Poned) — Weekly meetings offering weight and blood pressure check, food journal, healthy snack, nutrition education, and healthy cooking instructions. Each week also has a special theme for a new area of learning. Saturday Mornings, 9am workshop in the Lower Conference Room.

Gail believes deeply that “your health is your wealth” and wants to work with you to find your path to a healthy lifestyle.


PLEASE NOTE: Before starting any new program you should consult your doctor first. The workouts are low impact and you work at your own level.

Remember: Healthy Eating + Regular Exercise = A Longer Lifespan!


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