Group Exercise Classes

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Fitness Schedule

We offer adult and family group exercises (including water fitness) to fit everyone’s schedule. Visit our Welcome Desk for an updated Fitness Schedule.



Child Watch

Our goal is to provide a safe, clean and cheerful environment where families and children can enjoy the YMCA together and parents can workout without worry.

Child Watch Schedule (PDF)

Child Watch Program Guidelines and Registration (PDF)

Child Watch Emergency Information Form (PDF)



Policy for Fitness Classes

Note that class schedules are modified periodically to address member feedback, class popularity and participation level. Classes with low participation (less than 4) are subject to cancellation. If you enjoy a class, be part of its success by registering for class and being consistent in your participation.

Group fitness participants are asked to check-in for each class they attend; sign-in books are located in the Group Exercise Room, Sport Court and LCR.


Classes Offered

30 MAX: A highly effective strength interval class to train the upper and lower body muscle groups in a series of challenging and unique exercises with core focus. All fitness levels will be accommodated. Perfect to maximize results in 30 minutes!

ABS PLUS: Get the abs you’ve always wanted with this 30-minute workout that works the glutes, abs, obliques and back.

ACTIVE KIDS: (7-12years old) A complete fitness class that introduces kids to a variety of games and activities designed to improve fitness and coordination. Activities will include obstacle courses, dance fitness, boot camp-style circuits and games.

BALANCE AND MOVEMENT: A low-impact class for all fitness levels. The focus is on all important core muscles which are critical for flexibility and balance. This class will help you build strength and flexibility. We will use stability balls and hand weights to help you to better balance.

BALANCE AND BARRE CONNECT: This pilates and ballet inspired class is designed for active older adults to increase mental focus, strength, balance and flexibility using core muscles for stability. Light weights, pilates balls and rings are used. Increased range of motion will be addressed with foam rollers as well as a restorative stretch.

BODYPUMPTM: Using barbells and adjustable weights, you willl tone and condition all major muscle groups via a series of exercises designed to burn fat fast and increase your metabolic rate. Exercises include squats, presses and other lifts. The class finishes with a cool-down and stretch.

BODY SCULPT: This class offers a variety of challenging exercises designed to target and tone your abs, back, chest, shoulders, arms, legs and butt. Stretching is emphasized, to increase range of motion and help you achieve a long, lean, toned look.

CARDIO FIT CIRCUIT: A 30-minute intense interval cardio class that develops metabolic endurance, core conditioning, plyometric skills, and major muscle strength in a circuit setting. Not a minute will be wasted as you burn calories and sculpt your body. All fitness levels will be challenged. Various equipment will be used.

CARDIO KICKBOXING: Get an action packed workout that will blend martial arts, boxing, & intense intervals that will strengthen your core, increase your endurance & strength. Melt away pounds & reduce the stress of your day.

CARDIO STEP: A low impact aerobic training that incorporates upper body conditioning to increase fat burning and muscle endurance, with athletic, easy to follow choreography that is functional for all fitness levels.

CIRCUIT TRAINING: Utilizing the circuit equipment in the wellness center to help build lean muscle and increase strength. A certified group exercise instructor will guide the group through a workout designed specifically for you. This class is perfect for the individual that wants to incorporate weight training in their exercise routine, but does not know where to start.

MAT PILATES: Mental focus, increased body awareness, strong core, and lean muscle are the hallmarks of Mat Pilates classes. Carefully engineered progressions of classic and modern Pilates exercises will improve your well-being, boost any sport performance, and bring a sense of balance into your life. All levels welcome. No prior experience necessary.

MELT METHOD: Using easy and gentle specialized techniques, a soft body roller, and small soft balls, MELT rehydrates the connective tissue which keeps our bodies stable and upright, rebalances the nervous system, and restores space to compressed joints. Additionally MELTing will improve your athletic performance.

POWER PILATES: A unique strength and flexibility class that incorporates the principles of Pilates exercises using correct alignment and core strength to enhance muscle definition in both upper and lower body. Weights, stability balls and Pilates balls are used. Sneakers or flexible rubber sole shoes required.

POWER STEP: A cardio/strength workout that works the legs in every plane of motion. The strength shots offer short, intense bursts of core and upper body training exercises by pushing cardiovascular intensity. This workout can be done by all fitness levels with or without the step.

SENIOR STRONG: In addition to a light aerobic workout, we will work with weights, tubes and balls to improve your overall strength and coordination

SMALL GROUP TRAINING: Take your fitness to the next level with Small Group Training! Personalized workouts using a wide variety of fitness equipment in individual and partner strength and conditioning activities, perfect for any fitness level.

SPANDA® FUSION: A high-energy dance cardio class based upon yoga principles, Spanda® Fusion focuses on functional fitness training: aerobic conditioning,
coordination, agility, endurance, strength, and flexibility, The class is adaptable for all fitness levels, the movements are easy to learn, and the music will make you want to dance!

STEP EXPRESS: Burn as many as 300 calories in this 30-minute class, while strengthening your lower body, and increasing cardiovascular endurance.

3D MAT MIX: A challenging 3-dimensional combination of upper/lower body and core strength training, to work every angle of each muscle group for maximum effectiveness using hand weights, medicine balls, weighted bars, pushup poles, etc. Class is individualized for every fitness level, stressing proper technique.

TOTAL BARRE AND STRENGTH: A highly effective all-level barre workout to create a lean, strong and flexible body. Inspired by both ballet and Pilates, this fat-burning interval training will build core and arm strength as well as leg and glute sculpting. Light weights, Pilates ball, foam rollers, ballet barre, and more will be utilized. A fluid warmup and restorative stretching are included. Sneakers or flexible rubber-soled shoes required.

TOTAL BODY BURN AND BUILD: An effective fat burning cardio workout (30 minutes) combined with 45 minutes of strength training to build endurance and sculpt without the bulk. Various weight training equipment will be utilized and all fitness levels are accommodated.

TOTAL MUSCLE EXPRESS: In just 30 minutes, using hand weights, body bars and exercise balls, you will strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders, chest, back, abdominals, glutes, and legs. Stay and get your cardio workout in Spanda®, which meets immediately afterwards.

VIM: Fitness class for beginner and intermediate senior adults, designed to increase flexibility and improve circulatory system and muscle tone. Perfect for ages 62+, but all ages are welcome.

WALK AEROBICS CAMP: (brought to you by Olivia’s Wellness Connection) During this class, held at Community Park Track off Route 206, you will condition your heart through cardio exercise and strengthen and tone your body through resistance training. A healthy snack is provided at the end.

YOGA: The Princeton Family YMCA offers a variety of yoga styles, including: Hatha, Easy Flow, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Kids Yoga and more! See the Yoga page for more information.

ZUMBA®: We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba® fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check.



AQUA BLAST: This aqua class will challenge you and help you develop, strength, and tone your muscles. Working against the water with water dumbbells, noodles, and various equipment will add the perfect amount of resistance to your workout. Aqua Blast is ideal for beginners to advance fitness enthusiasts.

AQUAFIT: Aqua Fit puts participants into various stations to help increase overall fitness levels for all participants. Increasing flexibility, range of motion, and cardio endurance are a focus of every class. Students work at their own pace at each station for set periods of time, making Aqua Fit ideal for students of all fitness levels.

AQUA LIGHT AND FIT: Focusing on flexibility and range of motion, this class will increase muscle strength, posture and balance while easing stiff joints and relaxing sore muscles. Participants will gain an enhanced sense of well being, mood and sleep quality while reducing pain and fatigue. Class is held in the Shallow End of the pool.

DEEP WATER WALKING: The whole class takes place in the deep end of the pool leaving the body suspended and relieving stress from your joints and back. This workout will help develop core strength and cardiovascular endurance. Beginners to advance students will enjoy the benefits from this class.