Bart’s Chin Up Challenge

 “ I prefer supporting YMCA because they are local in Princeton, they have a unique purpose and their work & mission is centered around kids. That is why I used the past couple of years my Guinness World Record push-up challenges to collect donations for the Y, and I will do it again this year .”  –  Bart Talloen

About Bart & the Challenge

Bart Talloen’s life motto is to believe in the impossible. When it comes to athletic feats, he has always dreamed of pushing the limits of what’s possible. His goal: beat a world record.

Bart was born and raised in Belgium and has spent most of his professional career at Johnson & Johnson, where he’s currently a senior executive. He’s been married for 30 years, has two adult sons, and his hobbies center on fitness and sports, including running, biking, and push-ups. In all that he does, Bart is focused on making a fundamental difference and leaving a legacy behind – that’s where the world record comes in.

On Bart’s 55th birthday in 2018, he completed 489 push-ups in 10 minutes – an unofficial world record. The next year, he attempted a Guinness World Record for most decline push-ups in one minute. He came just short of that official record, but his gift to the community during his record-breaking attempts were tremendous. During those two efforts, he raised nearly $40,000 for the Princeton Family YMCA and he’s continued to inspire us that “you can achieve your dreams, if you want them badly enough.”

This year, he’s showing us once again just how badly he wants to push the limits of possibility by attempting another record: the most chin-ups in 3 minutes. Bart’s Chin-up Challenge will take place at the end of August, and he’s once again generously using his pursuit of a world record to collect donations for the Princeton Y. Please consider supporting his goal by donating at the link below.

Hopefully the third time’s the charm for Bart’s world record dreams!

From Last Year’s Challenge

Amount Raised so far: $26,932.00

(total as of 9/9/2020)

Challenge Champions
  • Bart Talloen
  • Katrien Schellekens
  • Ana Martin
  • Kim Januzzi
  • Carol Montandon
  • Rhonda Fendelet
  • Sam Onukuri
  • Sasha Pailet Koff
  • James LaPrade
  • Stephanie Ellison
  • Jeff Hewitt
  • Alain Fortuney
  • Cornelia Coles
  • Kenneth Creasey
  • Mark Benson
  • Thomas McCann
  • Neil Ackerman
  • Yuqing Sun
  • Marc Hooybergs
  • Sultan Aziz
  • Angel Ortiz
  • Frank & Vera Konings-Van de Velde
  • Bertrand Klehr
  • Bret Evans
  • Mark Edgerton
  • John Thaler
  • Nauman Shah
  • Jeffrey Everett
  • Lauren Panasewicz
  • Jeffrey Gallagher
  • Pallaw Sharma
  • Neil Kulkarni
  • Venessa Galate
  • John Perrigue
  • Chris Venicx
  • Hans Van Hees
  • Scott Chilson
  • Gloria Colon
  • Rolando Zamora
  • Orchid Gareia
  • Els Vandecandelaere
  • Arun Kumar Bhaskara-Baba
  • Maria Araujo
  • Randall Fach
  • Nico Sacco
  • Jared Stratton
  • Kristen Von Seggem
  • Thomas Leahy
  • Todd Kinser
  • Luc Ruysen
  • Michelle Fromholzer
  • Paul Edson
  • Alfredo Perez
  • Maureen Pence
  • Nitza Pierce
  • Zikar Dawood
  • Natan Linder
  • Reineiro Medina III
  • Roy Gundy Jr.
  • Eric Stanley Monzon
  • Tammie Champlin
  • Cordy Swope
  • Brandt Paulik
  • Vipul Dave
  • Brian Sherry
  • Rachna Dayal
  • Gerry Collins
  • Jennifer Tsitsopoulos
  • Paige MacPherson
  • Kathleen Taylor
  • Michael Strong
  • William Appelo
  • Janette Edelstein
  • Marc & Magda Shorpian
  • Joyce Hansen
  • Yong Ye
  • Michelle Turner
  • Katy George
  • John Stango
  • Leila Schwery
  • Michael Armstrong
  • Elaine Thibodeau
  • Elizabeth Faulkner
  • Adrian Long
  • Jim Kelly
  • Heidi Landry
  • Kerri Comstock
  • Sherry Collier
  • Miranda Romano

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