Give to the Y


This is an extremely difficult time for our YMCA. Our financial situation is indeed precarious. We depend almost entirely on revenues from our membership and program fees, with 10-15 percent from charitable gifts. Sadly, with the dramatic loss of revenues, we had no choice but to temporarily lay off 130 part-time and 5 full-time staff members. It was a heartbreaking decision because our staff are the life-blood of our organization, as well as friends and neighbors. We have a very small team remaining who are committed to steering us through this crisis and supporting our most vulnerable children and their families in the meantime.


If you are in a position to help, we would be very grateful if you would consider making a charitable contribution this month or for multiple months to sustain us through this unprecedented time, and help our Y reemerge from this public health crisis.  We want to be ready and prepared to respond to you, your family and others who will need the Y in their lives more than ever. We hope you can remain by our side as a member and supporter in that effort.  Make a charitable contribution HERE.

COVID-19 Emergency Fund Donors

Thank you for being by our side in our time of need!  Sincere gratitude to the following people who have very generously contributed to our Y to sustain us through the COVID-19 crisis.  We are deeply appreciative.

Nicole Bronzan
Jane Fransson
Andreas Walther
Cloey Talktotta
Jane Kidder
Deeptha Khanna
Ralph Widner
Jane Manners
Brenda Frazier
Nathalie Makarvich
Valerie Giguere
Ruth Connolly
Jill Weisman
Ann McKeehan
William Atkinson
Doug Pszczolkowski
Gordon & Deborah Thomas
Sathish Soundaravajan
Kristina Smith
Rafaela Dancygier
Xyz Aya
Joanna Wuehr
Mary Beth Charters
Brent Weiss
Lauren Hogshire
Arbel Griner
Robert Barton
Michael & Jami Smith
Rahul & Christi Gautam
Ralph Spicer
Sean Ryan
William Whitley
Peter Bronsteen

YMCA Board Members
Paul Biondi
Jason Carter
Vicky Corrodi
Chuck Craig
Will Dove
Barry Goldblatt
PJ Jayachandran
Cameron Manning
Steve Miller
Catherine Millett
Shilpa Pai
John Radice
Merilyn Rovira
Scott Steinhauer
Mana Winters