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What Makes YMCA Health and Wellness Programs Special?

At the Princeton Family YMCA we strive for a "healthy lifestyle for all," a lifelong process of caring, exercising, and feeding the spirit, the mind, and the body. We offer a variety of activities and programs that meet you where you are and take you where you want to be. We welcome you being "in the process."

Slim, trim, tone, and strengthen in our aerobic classes. Build, sculpt, and strengthen in our Circuit Training Area or the Weight Room. Center, stretch, strengthen, and relax in our Yoga sessions in our renovated Spirit, Mind, and Body Studio. Run, step, walk and bike on one of our 20 pieces of Life Fitness Cardio Equipment.

To step it up a notch, join our Group Exercise classes or engage a Personal Trainer to guide you along your fitness path.

Fitzpatrick Wellness Center

Group Fitness for Adults

Group Fitness for Youth & Teens

Olivia's Wellness Connection

Personal Training


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Child Watch

Our goal is to provide a safe, clean and cheerful environment where families and children can enjoy the YMCA together and parents can workout without worry.

Child Watch Schedule

Child Watch Program Guidelines and Registration

Child Watch Emergency Information Form


Policy for Outside Personal Training and Coaching at the Princeton Family YMCA


Wellness and Fitness Coordinator

Justine Dmuchowski,  609-497-9622 x229

Senior Program Director

Paul Zeger, 609-497-9622 x236