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Swimming Lessons for children 3 through 5 years old - without parent (30-minute classes)

Aquatics Class Schedule and Fees: Summer 2017

Aquatics Class Schedule and Fees: Fall I 2017

Pike (Beginner): class ratio 1:5
This class is designed for your beginner level preschool swimmer and helps your child first adjust to the water, and then develop independent movement. Basic stroke and kicking skills, floating, and pool safety is taught and confidence in the water is increased.

Eel (Intermediate): class ratio 1:6
This class is for your intermediate level preschool swimmer who can swim at least 10 feet without a floatation device. Stroke technique on front, back and side are improved and endurance built. Diving skills are introduced.

Ray (Advanced): class ratio 1:6
Designed for intermediate to advanced level preschool swimmers, who are comfortable swimming at least 15 yards independently and swimming on both their front and back. Stroke technique, endurance and diving skills are refined.

Private Swim Lessons (30-minute class)

YMCA Private Swim Lessons are designed for swimmers who desire weekly one-on-one instruction. Semi-private lessons are also available if students have similar swimming abilities.

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Aquatics Director

Tonoya Sheth-Kaufman, 609-497-9622 x223