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Swimming Lessons for children 6 months through 4 years old - with parent (30-minute classes)

Aquatics Class Schedule and Fees: Summer 2017

Aquatics Class Schedule and Fees: Fall I 2017

Shrimp: class ratio 1:10 Ages 6 months through 23 months old - with parent
Parent and child classes are taught as a combined session with you, the parent, accompanying your child in the water. In this program, fundamental safety and aquatic skills are taught to both you and your swimmer and reinforced through songs, water "play" and a lot of bonding and confidence building. Swim diapers required for all children.

Perch: class ratio 1:10 Ages 24 months through 48 months old - with parent
Designed for children who have a little more body control, this program is a continuation of the Shrimp program and is a transition to the Preschool Swim Lesson program. An instructor will lead you in teaching your swimmer basic swimming technique and safety skills including safe entry/exit, jumps, floating and kicking. Swim diapers required for any children not fully potty trained.

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Aquatics Director

Tonoya Sheth-Kaufman, 609-497-9622 x223