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Camp Ralph S. Mason

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Summer Resident Camp – Family Camp Opportunities

Started in 1900, Camp Ralph S. Mason is one of the oldest continuously operating youth camps in the nation.   Today’s Camp Mason features modern facilities set on 650 acres of scenic mountain woodlands in Hardwick, New Jersey.

Princeton Family YMCA members may register for summer resident camp weeks and family camp weekends at Camp Mason and pay no membership fee (a $50 savings).

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Seventh Grade Initiative (7GI)

At the Y, we understand that young people face many challenges during adolescence and need the support and compassion of parents, teachers, friends and other positive role models to navigate the often daunting journey. In fact, statistics show that seventh-grade in particular is a critical time in a young person's life when exposure to risk factors greatly increases. The Y's 7th Grade Initiative (7GI) gives kids an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive by sharing in healthy, confidence-building activities and programs in a safe setting. See our Teen page with program details.

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Free one-month YMCA Family Membership
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Military Membership Discount

The Princeton Family YMCA is proud of the men and women who serve our country and would like to honor you. If you're currently enlisted or are a veteran in any of our armed services, join today for a discount on membership and no joining fee. To enroll, stop by our facility and present your military/veteran I.D.    Joiner Fee Waived & 15% off your monthly membership.

MY Y.  YOUR Y.  New Jersey YMCAs Membership Reciprocity Program

What is the purpose of the New Jersey YMCAs Membership Reciprocity Program?
The spirit behind the reciprocity program is founded on the belief that the Y is one movement and that we want to encourage members to utilize the Y as often as they can in order to meet their health and wellness goals. Sometimes, it is more convenient for a Y member to utilize a Y in a different location when traveling, near a workplace, or in another region. This program allows active, full facility/full privilege members this flexibility to use other Y facilities and therefore also increases the value of their Y membership.

Statement of Reciprocity:  The agreement is intended to allow a member unlimited visits at another Y. When someone reaches between 8 - 12 visits (level determined by the host Y) they can call the home Y to see if that member is visiting their home Y more than the host Y. The host Y can limit the visits at that time if they have not visited their home Y as often as the host Y. The host Y can determine if they take the individual person or the entire unit into account when looking at usage.

AWAY Program

A.W.A.Y. - "Always Welcome at YMCAs." When enrolled in a YMCA, members become a part of a nationwide association. When away from home, YMCA members will be warmly welcomed by participating YMCAs. Princeton Family YMCA requirements: member visits from YMCAs within 50 miles - 6 visits per year. Member visits from YMCAs over 50 miles away - FREE up to 12 visits per year. Additional visits may be purchased for $5.

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Introduce a friend to the Y, and if they join as a Full-Facility Member, we'll waive their joiner's fee and credit you $25. It's a fitting way for you and your friends to enjoy healthier lifestyles.

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Child Watch

Our goal is to provide a safe, clean and cheerful environment where families and children can enjoy the YMCA together and parents can workout without worry.

Child Watch Schedule

Child Watch Program Guidelines and Registration

Child Watch Emergency Form 

Frequent Y-er

Register to become a Frequent Y-er! This continuous program motivates members to use the Princeton Family YMCA to their fullest capability.  When joining the YMCA ask to sign up as a Frequent Y-er and we'll track how many times you use the YMCA facility. Please make sure staff registers every visit in the system. A prize will awarded for every 36 visits in 3 months! That's only 12 visits each month.  Sign up today and start right!

FREE Fitness Orientation Session!

Instead of feeling older, why not feel bolder by taking advantage of this special birthday offer from the Princeton Family YMCA? Celebrate your new year by building a strong mind and body. Enjoy one free Fitness Orientation session with a trained YMCA fitness staff member during your birthday month.  Register now:  609-497-9622 x256 or x212.


Membership Initiatives Senior Director

Susan Gresko, 609-497-9622 x216

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