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When you join the YMCA, you're not just joining a gym; you're joining a cause and becoming a member of our family. We are proud of the great work we do here at the Y to positively impact you, your family, and our community.

Our Y offers a variety of membership types and rates to accommodate our diverse membership and to best serve our community. Financial assistance is also available to those in need through our Membership Assistance Program.


We have two categories of memberships at the Princeton Family YMCA depending upon your needs: Full-Facility Memberships (which are billed monthly and allow access to all YMCA Facilities among other benefits) and Program Memberships (which are billed annually and simply allow access to our programs, but not our facilities).

Full-Facility Memberships

When considering membership at the Princeton Family YMCA, please make yourself aware of our Policies and Code of Conduct.

Best Value: Join as a whole family for just $99.00/month! (Includes 2 adults and children 17 and under within the same household)
Have more than two adults in your household? Additional adults may be added to your family membership for $15.00/month!

Full-Facility Membership Rate Chart

Joiners' FeeMonthly Rate
Full-Facility Adult (27-61 yrs)
$150 $65
Full-Facility Family
$150 $99
Full-Facility Young Adult (18-26 yrs)
$45 $30
Full-Facility Teen (13-17 yrs)
$30 $25
Full-Facility Youth (up to 12 yrs)
$0 $17
Full-Facility Active Older Adult (62+ yrs)
$150 $52
Full-Facility Active Older Adult Family $150 $89


By clicking on the above link, you are confirming that you agree to the policies and waivers.

Program Memberships

Program Members pay an annual membership fee. This fee allows access to program registration only and is designed for those who plan limited program participation. An annual Program Membership only allows one to register for the YMCA classes at the higher program member fee. Fitness classes and pool use are restricted to Full-Facility Members. A Full-Facility Membership is a better value for those taking multiple programs throughout the year.

Program Member Rate Chart

Annual Rate
Program Youth $95
Program Adult $130


By clicking on the above link, you are confirming that you agree to the policies and waivers.


Membership Initiatives Senior Director

Susan Gresko, 609-497-9622 x216

Membership Initiatives Associate Director

Kim Schmidt, 609-497-9622 x229